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Why do I do this?

Why do I sweep chicken poop off of the backyard deck?  Why do I get up all winter even when I m sick? Why do I have so many buckets of fermenting seeds around?  Why is it that I know horse manure will compost faster in a feed sack than on top of the compost pile? Why do  I stay up all night when my sow farrows? Why do I know the chatty sound of a happy kunekune?  

I do this for me. I do this for my children.  I do this for you. Because it makes me happy to watch my hens roam about freely doing "chicken things". Because there is life in the barn that depends on me . Because I want the animals I raise to be healthy and happy. Because I don't own a tractor. (Christmas Hint ) Because I care for her, respect her and am responsible for her and the life she is bringing into the world. Because they're so loving , they're always happy to see me... OR they know who brings the treats... They are pigs still afterall.

We are dedicated to this breed and believe they truly are a multipurpose breed. The depth of their worth grows as my knowledge of them does. Not only are they a sustainable farming option, they have the sweetest temperaments and make very loving companions. They are smart and sociable beings. They bring smiles and love. Contact me if you are interested in adding this amazing breed to your farm and family