Our Sows & Gilts


Rebecca Gina
Sire: Sweet & Sower Acres Tonganui- Sullivan 
Dam: Rocking Robin Ranch - Rebecca Gina 

Petunia has the dearest face and the personality to match. She is such a loving and gentle mother and what a big girl! 




Sire:Verde Farms Tonganui 3 - Ragnar

Dam: Black Valley Farm Jenny 5 - Alice

Twyla is exactly what we all have come to know of the Jenny line. She is a sweet, strong, capable sow. An excellent mother, she farrows unassisted and weans 100%. Twyla is the sister of Champion AWE Jenny "Penny". Color! Twyla has some amazing color genes and gives such a multi-colored litter every time.


Aria Giana


Sire: Goose Meadow Farm BH Tutaki Maximus

Dam: KuneKune Preserve Aria Giana 1 Kiss

This girl is so beautiful and a personality to match. She has the perfect Kunekune head shape, solid body, broud shoulders and hips. Just an all around gorgeous example of the breed.




Sire: Verde Farm Tonganui - Johnsie

Dam: Bain Tapeka - Hassie

So impressed with this Tapeka girl. She's stout, round and a gorgeous head to boot. Looking forward to her first litter.



Ginger Swallow Belly

Sire: Virginia Kunekunes Andrew - Bailey

Dam: AWE Jenny 7 - Twyla

Georgia is a nice solid straight brood sow with the excellent mothering abilities I expect from my Jenny line.



Dark Ginger Swallow Belly

Sire: Virginia Kunekunes Andrew - Bailey

Dam: AWE Jenny 7 - Twyla

Wilma is the sweetest girl. Sister of Georgia and a beautiful deep red coat with a contrasting swallow belly.

Pudge Pie

Wilsons Gina


Sire: Barton Hill RU 45 - Middleton

Dam: SHF Wilsons Gina 8 - Ruby

From the day she was born, I have wanted this gilt. I am happy and blessed to say she is mine. Thank you Brian Barlow @ Harkrider Plantation for your quest to breed wonderful examples of beloved Kunekunes


Wilsons Gina

Black/Ginger Tri

Sire: RSVP Mahia Love - Joey Ramone

Dam: KuneKune Preserve Wilsons Gina - Elisabetta

Very excited to add the Wilsons Gina line to my herd with this gilt from a well known meat producing herd at Corva Bella Farm



High White

Sire: KuneKune Preserve Whakanui - Walter

Dam: Tule Frog Farm Tapeka - Coddle Whomple

This darling gilt bred by Bertie Bees Kuney Kunes is bringing some great genetics from very respected breeding programs.